Passalacqua – Been A Minute

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Great track though I don’t have much to say about it. It is good. Enjoy it. Enjoy it like a fine French wine or a three buck chuck from Trader Joe’s. They are, after all, the same after the first glass.

BIG NEWS! First of all, you might notice there have been some renovations to Catchy Hip Hop as of late. You can thank my big brother, Nick, for kicking some serious tail where I am unable (i.e. site design). First thing: notice the new banner. Enjoy it like wine. Secondly, it is easier than ever to leave a comment! Thirdly, you’ll notice our spotify playlist embedded in the sidebar. Play away. Lastly, you’ll notice you no longer have to leave the site to enjoy our awesome youtube playlists which contain nearly every song that has ever been posted here at Catchy Hip Hop. You can find those by clicking “Youtube Playlists” in that top bar. New to this blog? I highly suggest you spend some time exploring those playlists as it is a virtual wine cellar full of delicious, drinkable beats and rhymes.

If you enjoyed this track, you might dig this jam: Haji P – Porch Swing ft. Grip Grand

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