Janice & Mr. Green – If I Don’t Go To Hell ft. Jus Allah

If I Don't Go To Hell (feat. Jus Allah) - If I Don't Go To Hell (feat. Jus Allah) - Single

Today is something of a special post. I found this cat named Mr. Green who’s been a pretty prolific producer for awhile. I was just searching around all the different stuff he’s done just because I really like his style and a lot of his beats I consider catchy by my definition. This particular track featured above was actually developed for a series he’s been doing called “Live From The Streets”. It’s a documentary series in which he goes around cities (or just one city, I’m not sure) and records street artists. He then goes back and makes beats out of whatever the street artists give him. This is an absolutely beautiful idea. Seriously, I was blown away as I watched these because not only do you see the progression of the song being produced, but you know there is an abundance of unique personality in each track. To find out how he made this track and who he used to center the beat around, watch this one:

I really hope he continues this series because this is one of the most creative things I’ve seen in hip hop in a long time.

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