Percee P – Legendary Lyricist ft. Madlib

Legendary Lyricist (feat. Madlib) - Perseverance

It’s been awhile since I rapped at ya so I found an old jam that I first heard when I just started getting into hip hop and when there just seemed to be an endless stream of good music to find. Then I got jaded by hip hop. Anyways, this is a good showcase of fast rapping along side a simple beat. Pretty infectious although I’m not a huge fan of the chorus.

On a separate and unrelated note, I just wanted to do some cross promotion. Like I have called her in the past, my roommate and arch-nemesis started a blog dedicated to the art of sandwiches and sandwich-making. It is called Bitches Love ‘wiches¬†and it just so happens to be an awesome blog. You should send her a picture of a sandwich you make or order. Then you can also check out my shirtless bod as I act as docent to a few sandwiches I divined. I know I had you at “shirtless bod”.

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