deM atlaS – All We Got

I’m coming out of hiding for a post simply because I’m excited about this “new” voice. Rhymesayers, in my very small opinion, has not been the behemoth of indie hip hop it was when it started. It has played it VERY safe which has made for boring music. HOWEVER, they recently signed this young dude deM atlaS who definitely, past work and present, shows risk-taking — the very thing that got me excited about Rhymesayers artists when I first started getting into many of their artists. I’m very excited to hear what this guy does in the future.

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Sage Francis – Blue

Not the upbeat, catchy that I usually post but I feel it is a bit sacrilege to not post a brilliant song from the genius himself. I’m not sure we’re far enough along in the history of underground/indie hip hop but in my opinion, it is safe to say Sage is almost in a league of his own and is THE founding father of alt. rap. Since this one isn’t my traditional upbeat/catchy, I’ve included this amazing catchy beat below by Brock Berrigan, just for shiggles.

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The O’My’s – Wonder Years ft. Chance The Rapper

Sorry I’ve been gone so long. The truth is, I just don’t care about hip hop anymore, or very little. It is no surprise that I missed this one for so long, specifically the verse from Chance — it is just perfect. I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz, soul, and blues lately and this fits in just too perfectly. Especially this time of year when I’m reflecting on the year, my ability to fail so perfectly at everything, but how things can still be good.

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The Coup ft. Japanther – Long Island Iced Tea, Neat

First eight seconds of this song and I knew I was listening to something special — revolutionary even. Revolutionary isn’t a new term to describe The Coup. They’ve been around awhile but it is only until recently did I think they have matched their beats with their awesomely politically charged lyrics. Honestly, as many have noticed from my rants on this blog about the staleness of hip hop, I have been grasping for something more in the genre. Because of boredom, maybe? My tastes are shifting? Either way, this song hit me hard in that it kind of feels like it is what I’ve been searching for in the genre for a long time.

If you enjoyed this track, you might dig this jam: The Coup ft. Justin Sane – Your Parents’ Cocaine

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Sage Francis – You Can’t Win ft. B. Dolan

You might remember this duo not only from their own solo pursuits, but also as Epic Beard Men. While I like both of these dudes a lot, I have a hard time believing I wouldn’t like this song without any other talented rapper on the mic — the beat is just too good (courtesy of beatmaker Buddy Peace). But yes, having two amazing lyricists and mainstays of underground hip hop take the reigns on the rapping certainly makes it that much better.

If you enjoyed this track, you might dig this jam: Prolyphic & Buddy Peace – Go Green

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